I intend to write regularly about the process of building nextSIS, but to do this I find myself with a difficulty. nextSIS exists because the open source system we originally chose to implement at our school proved too problematic to continue with. As such, nextSIS is in no small part defined by the failed project it replaces.

However, if I regularly name the SIS we had so many problems with on this blog, then this project becomes too defined by this other system. So I’ve chosen to forego the prospect of easy search engine hits and only refer to it here as namelessSIS. It will be necessary to draw comparisons between nextSIS and namelessSIS in order to explain some of the design decisions, but this way – by not mentioning rival systems here except in a vaguely absurd and abstracted way – the message stays more positive. Also, I think they might sue.

If you really want to know about our namelessSIS experience though, and any pending lawsuits, you can read my personal blog.

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