The old versus the new

The nextSIS project is off to a slow start. It was never going to be easy, but the start of term has proven a busy period for me in terms of bringing namelessSIS up to date. In fact, we had to employ a data entry person for a week to try and enter all our courses and periods.

Perhaps inevitably, we’ve run into more problems with our existing SIS – I’m not going to dwell on them here, but a couple are not small issues and it’s left me wondering – once again – at what point I can break off from the old in order to work on the new. There’s an irony in being so bogged down with a piece of software you don’t have the time to write its replacement. But I’ll get there.

I’m continuing to write up technical planning documents on GitHub in the meantime and looking forward to the day I can draw a line under the old SIS.

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