Version 0.0.1

A few months ago I added a report to our existing student information system which enabled our office staff to print out a list of student attendance by class every day. In the event of a fire or emergency, it’s this list which is used to take the register and make sure all the students are safe. We also now use it to make sure students are on their school buses at the end of the day and to avoid situations where bus drivers are waiting for students who are actually absent. This report will be a built-in feature of nextSIS.

namelessSIS can ultimately be configured to restrict a specified user’s access to just this report, which is quite a powerful feature of the software (it isn’t all bad), but there are also a number of compromises which have to be made in this approach.

To that end, I toyed with the idea of providing access to this attendance report from outside namelessSIS entirely, by implementing a salted-hash-based login form which granted access to it, but kept the user outside of the student information system. So I implemented that yesterday, and in my mind this implementation of the fundamental nextSIS security system effectively makes what I wrote version 0.0.1 of nextSIS. It wasn’t how I intended the first code to be written, but I can see now that this is what the project will grow out of.

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