nextSIS is being developed using PHP and MySQL, and I’d really appreciate your help in designing a student information system (SIS) which I believe will benefit schools around the world. The project is in its infancy, so this is an opportunity to become involved in an early stage project which you can see through to launch. I’m planning to run the technical side of things out of GitHub. Recently CNET ran a story about coders being hired through GitHub because as one recruiter put it ‘why would I look at their resume when I can look at a body of work?‘. It makes a case for taking some time to become involved in community work if you can.

I work for Busan International Foreign School and I want to replace our current open source SIS because we’ve experienced a lot of problems with this system, and the company that develops it. There are no other open source programs to turn to which inspire more confidence, and even many of the commercial systems – which cost a lot of money – are not that good. We are far from the only school in this position, so I believe a well-designed software product has a chance to have a significant impact on the education sector.

What is the plan?
You will note from the SIS Wikipedia page, that such systems can be quite far reaching in their scope. Initially I’m planning on building the core functions required by schools – namely a current student database which stores their essential information and allows them to be assigned to classes, where attendance can be taken and which are ultimately graded. As time allows, I will be expanding on the proposed design of nextSIS – please keep checking back!

Time is partly why we’ve decided to open source this project; the hope is that with more developers we can get this up and running much more quickly, and build something better via a collaborative approach.

In the end it would be great if we could present an open source product to schools which they could run themselves with a minimum of technical knowledge and fuss. Sitting where we are right now, with the experiences we’ve had over the last year with other people’s products, that would be a real game-changer to us, and perhaps even in the wider world of student information systems.

Contact Me
If you’re interested in participating, please contact me.


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  1. Hi Mike, I think i have contacted you before when I was looking for an open source SIS, particularly Opensis. I am still tasking my developer to tweak this software to suite my needs and will be pleased if your outfit wouldn’t mind taking my input as well. Where can i download the software and where can i send my school reports that I would want to generate? Thanks.

  2. Hello Ben,

    Yes, I remember that we talked before. Sorry for my delay in replying – it’s our last week before the school holidays and I’ve been very busy.

    I’m afraid I’m not expecting to have a ‘Version 1’ ready for downloading until August next year. I’ve just emailed Albert about your project and nextSIS. If you want to send me your report templates I’ll look at how we can eventually incorporate these into nextSIS.


  3. Many thanks, Mike, I will have it forwarded to you shortly. Thanks for the good work and for the likes of you. Ben

  4. Hi Mike

    I think using codeigniter to develop nextSIS is a great idea. i’ve been try to devellop and sis with functions similar to centreSIS and powerschool. i’m currently implementing a e-learning program using moodle .Having an SIS that can interact with moodle would be great.
    For the SIS i have databse designs and report templates i would love to collaborate with this project too

    • Ted,

      openSIS is bi-directionally integrated in the code level with Moodle using REST API. There are 100+ paid clients using openSIS + Moodle integrated solution.

      Also, openSIS is a matured, user friendly and advanced SIS that beats Centre hands down.

      Check it out at


  5. Hello Ted,

    I’ve emailed you and am happy to work with you on your SIS or ours. We’re not interested in creating commercial rivalries in the open source space, we just want to make things better for schools.

    Thanks, Mike.

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